Evolution of the dog treat

Our “bark bite” is better than yours.

That’s one thing we took out of our class today as we spitballed ideas to enhance our “business” and our mission.  We have a metric to hit…the dogs of the Forever Home rescue are relying on our success.

So why can we claim this?

  • IMG_20170506_114122Homemade compassionate animal treats means we know exactly what is going in our treats.  We control the ingredients that we buy, so the flour we use supports environmental causes, and the peanut butter…well that’s 100% peanut butter.  No fillers, no faking.
  • Our treats support the rescue philosophy.  Specifically, they support Jean’s philosophy.  And more specifically, they support the local Forever Home Dog Rescue, a mission that Jean supports with only a handful of volunteer heroes.
  • It’s an easy, sustainable support mechanism for the rescues.  When our project is done, this operation can continue.  Your ongoing support helps that support cycle live on.
  • It’s an all purpose treat!  Older dog?  Peanut butter provides energy.  Younger dog?  Peanut butter is protein-packed.  Artisan dog?  Our Monterey Jack treats feed the puppy pallate.  Spoiled dog?  Just give them a treat.

As dog owners and lovers, we promise — our compassionate animal treats are a feel-good experience all around.  Nothing makes us happier than waggy tails and lickey chops…and give that response to our treat tastings to date, that certainly deserves a round of ap-PAWS!


Forever Home Dog Rescue – visit our future #homewardhounds every Sunday at Pet Smart in Crossgate Commons

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