CATs for Dogs (and Jean’s story)

It’s the classic partnership, right?  Cats and dogs?  We think we have this, though…we (the class) were challenged to define our business mantras today as it relates to our projects and our causes.

Compassionate Animal Treats.

Or, “CATs.”  Irony.  It’s perfect.  In fact, it’s PAWfect!

We were asked to give a report on our group’s “business” today.  Really, it was an update on the various missions among the groups in our MBA class.  We proudly reported our progress in the support and awareness which we’ve raised for Forever Home Dog Rescue and Jean Mayer’s (the founder’s) mission.  THANK YOU ALL for helping us with that support and for raising nearly $500 just in treat sales.  This is just simply awesome.

IMG_20170429_142731697Most notable during our presentation was the nod to Jean Mayer and all of her efforts in making the Forever Home Dog Rescue what it is today.  It is absolutely incredible to hear about the efforts that one person can successfully put together with a clear cause and mission.  Rex so brilliantly captured the hard work and passion that Jean puts into her work to run the rescue, to foster these dogs, to support families through the adoption process, to support dogs who may need to find new homes when the unexpected happens…

Jean epitomises what it means to be a rescue hero, and it’s because of her dedication to the cause that we are here on our mission.  School project or no school project, nothing would make us happier than to hand her a check on behalf of our efforts which applauds everything she has done to support animal/dog rescue and for being a champion on behalf of our beloved canine friends.

That is the power of #homewardhound.

That said, we still have a full week left of class.  If you love dogs and the support the #adoptdontshop movement, please get in the cause and support us by purchasing our compassionate animal treats.

We still have both the cheesy puffs and peanut butter treats available for purchase, AND we are also happy to donate any purchased treats to the rescue to help with Jean’s full house of furry friends should you wish to donate your CAT purchase for the rescue.  Email Juliana ( for orders or more information.

You have the power to make a rescue a #homewardhound.





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