Love at first sight (Rex’s story)

“Those liquid brown eyes…” recounts Rex as he describes the story of how he came to adopt Wren.  Resized_20160818_080941 (3)

Yes.  THE Wren.  The poster child (er…pup…you know what we mean) for our #homewardhound campaign.  The face of our rescue mission.  And one of 65 million animals yearly who enter the shelter according to the ASPCA.

On this particular day, though…this one day, Wren picked Rex.  Once their eyes met, Wren’s fate was sealed.

IMG_0199Rex went into a local PetSmart to purchase dog food.  This particular day, Wren and her Forever Home Dog Rescue team happened to be on site.

Next thing you know, on this particular day, Rex left PetSmart with more than just dog food.

It’s a story common amongst dog owners.  Just like Ruby in Juliana’s story, and many more that we’ve heard since we launched this campaign, Wren also somehow knew that Rex was the answer to the forever home question.  She gave that doggy stare.  Before you knew it, unlike days before, this day was when Wren became, herself, a #homewardhound.

It’s funny how dogs, and many of our pet companions, have that inkling to just know when there is a connection.  The question is, are we open and keen enough to notice when an animal “picks” us?

All we know is, this is love:



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