How my dog picked me (Juliana’s story)

Juliana here…I figured to write a little bit about why I love the cause we are supporting, donating our group’s profits to the Forever Home Dog Rescue, and how I became a dog parent myself.

To begin, no, my dog is not a rescue.  I feel like I rescued her, but she did not some from a rescue.  What she did do, though, was scope me out in a pet store.

Yes…somehow in a facility where you’d think we as humans have some sort of control, a 3-month-old puppy managed to meet my eyes as if to say, “Come here, human.  I choose you.”20120614_125233_Android

Now, I 100% understand the concerns of purchasing dogs from stores because of the likelihood that they came from puppy mills and/or mistreated on their way to and in the store.  This is why when I was in college, my friends and I insisted on visiting the pet store to try to lend a loving touch to those animals as often as we could.  If nothing more, we thought it would give them a moment to get out of their kennels and socialize with other beings.

…but once I met the dog I would eventually come to know as Ruby, that all changed.

Ruby didn’t just draw me in the first time I walked into the store (in fact, I wasn’t kidding about her meeting my eye gaze…); what she did was followed me as I walked across the store, played with her, walked out of the store, then walk back in about 6 hours later because I had to show my then-boyfriend about the dog that “hunted me down.”

Next thing you know, I’m a pet parent.

20121021_112259_AndroidThat was 10 years ago, and now that Ruby is nearing her final years, I am looking at 1) how to cope with my soon-to-be first major pet loss, and 2) when I’m ready for another dog, where that dog is going to come from.

Ruby also has given me wisdom.  Dogs are smart.  Dogs are crafty.  Dogs rely on us…and we rely even more on them.

When I hear about the amount of strays, or stories of animals being mistreated, or the stories of those orphaned or abandoned pets…all I know is how much I love Ruby and how devastated I will be when she is finally gone.  I don’t know how, or rather if, anything will help me truly get over that pain.  To hear stories that remind me that my dog could be hurt or suffering or simply just gone…that brings me pain.  A lot of pain.  It makes me sad, too.

I’ve learned since my undergraduate days that several rescue and shelter volunteers do activities similar to what my friends and I had aimed to do in college by visiting the pet store on an almost-daily basis, and the more I learned about these facilities after becoming a pet parent, the more I knew that that is exactly where my next dog will likely be.

FB_IMG_1472550548111And what I also know — that dog will be just like Ruby.  I know that some how, when I walk in thinking that I will be going in to find my next dog, in reality that next dog is going to actually find me.

Dogs bring joy.  Dogs bring loyalty.  They bring a sense of purpose that I would argue many pet parents don’t find in many other places.  So what could be better than adopting that next dog…?

Knowing you were a hero.  You came to the rescue.

That is why I’m excited to do this project.  That’s why I am willing to sponsor the adoption costs for someone else in need.  And that’s why I will do everything in my power to ensure our group hits our $2,500 profit and donation goal for the Forever Home Dog Rescue.

If you love your pet, support the cause.  Support another forever home for the love of that forever family.








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