“What the BARK?”

Admit it…that was cute.

Needless to say, though, isn’t a caption like that fitting of a photo like this?

“No really…just drop ONE…”

Having come straight from the barkery, I can tell you I had all the feels that our little bark ‘n’ bite had as the aroma of peanut butter filled the kitchen.  Peanut butter cookies for dogs…that can’t be all bad (especially if one just *HAPPENED* to drop on the floor)…

We’ve been very lucky with the response to the treat sales so far, and we’re hoping for a lot more over the course of this business class.  It will take a lot to get to that $2,500 goal, and even though it will be a stretch, we’re optimistic.

We’ve already reached out to a few of our colleagues to see if they know of veterans who are in the market to adopt a dog in response to our challenge.  That step made our project much more real for us as a group.  Being at Washington Park to sell the cause will make it more so.  The best part is the stories which have started to trickle in.  From an email this morning:

We adopted our little girl from Forever Home six years ago and she has brought us such joy.

We would love to support this joy further not just by reaching our goal for Forever Home, but by putting our money in it’s place and supporting that adoption on behalf of a local hero.  If you know of a veteran or person with special needs in the market to adopt a dog, please email us to nominate them as the recipient of our $2,500 #homewardhound challenge.  If we can profit $2,500 between sales and donations before 5/10, we will cover the costs in full for that adoption.

This business project in general has been a very interesting experience for us all.  Trying to get the name of the game out and gather support has been a challenge but strangely addicting, at least for some of us.  We have been very lucky with the pre-sales that we have, and thanks to Jean Mayer and the Forever Home Dog Rescue team, we’ve had a lot of support from them to promote our efforts.  Business partnership…very important for a successful venture.

For readers in the Albany area, follow Forever Home’s Facebook page for more information on their efforts.

Our *barkery* efforts continue, and we hope to see you this weekend at Washington Park as we bring our finished product out for live sale!

With that, our regular reminder:

  • Please email us to place an order if you are interested.
  • Please encourage your friends and family to donate to the cause.
  • If you have not already, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more project updates!
  • Join us this weekend (4/29-4/30) for our park sales at Washington Park Dog Park.
  • Please share word of our business project and cause.  You, too, can help be the hero and support the rescue and our #homewardhound campaign.






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