#homewardhound gets real

IMG_20170424_064711_292The good news: Pre-orders are in and we are off to a great start! If you’d like to support our campaign by purchasing our homemade dog treats, email Juliana with your order requests and to coordinate pick up.  Thanks in advance for your support!

The better news: after Juliana’s out-of-the-blue #homewardhound adoption challenge, our teammate and rescue-owner, Rex, has started to coordinate to find a local veteran who may be in the market to adopt a dog.  The team has been supportive of this challenge and now we are eager to make the adoption magic happen.  So, now we ask our dog rescue supporters like you…are you in???

$2,500 raised through sales and donations by May 10.  If you help us do it, we cover all costs toward a dog adoption.  #homewardhound

The power of #homewardhound is endless.  We collectively have the power to make this a difference — not just for the lucky dogs at hand, but also for the lucky owners who will get to experience that addition to the family.  And that’s just it…these dogs become family.

Be sure to visit the Forever Home Dog Rescue‘s website for more information on their mission and for profiles on their waggy-tailed friends who are looking for those forever homes.  Your donation and/or purchase can help make one of those precious faces someone’s #homewardhound.

Check out our Barked Goods page for more information on our treats and on how to donate!


Barkery Bite Treat Pricing

1 bag for $5.00
Want more?  We offer a $4.00 per bag multi-purchase discount!

Thanks for supporting the cause!  #adoptdontshop


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