Doggie days ahead

As our treats bake in the oven, we’ve coordinated to be at Washington Park’s dog park a few weekends before our challenge assignment is due.  We’re looking forward to the dog days ahead and hope to get some good response from the canine lovers who venture out.  For those of you willing to support the cause, please consider joining us at the park the afternoons of April 29, 30, and May 7.

And, if we might request so again, please consider donating to the cause if you are unable to get out to join us.  The dog rescue is a passionate cause of ours, so it would make us happy to be able to say our venture was successful enough to support one of their adoptions, if not more.

In fact, Juliana, group co-founder (and entry author for this post), has gone nuts and is willing to make a wager:

If we can successfully raise $2,500 between sales and donation efforts, I promise to personally sponsor the cost of adoption of one of the rescue’s dogs.  Personally, knowing there are many individuals who could benefit from pet adoption, I will hereby sponsor a dog adoption to a local veteran or citizen with special needs. – Juliana

So, what do you say?  Challenge accepted?


Jackson is currently adoptable!  Learn more on his PetFinder profile.




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