Welcome to the Barkery

Barkery.  That’s “bakery” for dogs.

Wren’s Barkery is more of a mission than a business purpose.  Yes, we were tasked with a business project.  Yes, we are looking for money.  Yes, we’ll sell things.  But, it’s all for our our Homeward Hound mission…a mission to support dog rescue and adoption (#homewardhound).

Dogs, ALL dogs, deserve a chance.  We, as our group on a business challenge, find it easy to support local rescue and adoption shelters.  That’s why when it came time to pick a charity we thought was worth supporting, we agreed on the Forever Home Dog Rescue of the Capital District.

There are probably 1,001+ reasons to have a dog in your life.  We thought of a fraction of those, but they are all equally important ones:

  • Dog owners feel less stressed;
  • Dogs have been credited with assisting people with mental and developmental disorders;
  • Dogs keep you structured (they probably are better at keeping a schedule than we are);
  • Dogs are social creatures;
  • In the end, we need dogs as much as dogs need us.

The thought: if we are looking to adopt a dog into our family, why not adopt a dog who is in need of a forever home?

Our hope is to create our business venture around raising money to support the Forever Home Dog Rescue’s adoption efforts and operations.  Their cost for adoption is $280 per animal.  We think we can raise $560 in profit, the equivalent of covering two dog adoption costs.

How?  Our “Barkery.”

The Barked Goods we intend to sell are homemade dog treats (and no, the puns will not stop).  These treats will be carefully crafted by us, your fellow dog-lover entrepreneurs, and sold to support our fundraising efforts for our #homewardhound campaign.  Our profits will come from the sales of these treats, and we also will be accepting donations in the form of treats bought for soon-to-be dog adoption heroes as well as via cash donations through crowdsourcing sites such as Generosity.com.  More on those latter efforts to come…

This website and this blog will focus on our story, our efforts, and our passion as we work to support the cause.  Please visit our contact page to connect with us through your media outlet of choice, and please send us email to give us your feedback, especially if you’re interested in joining our #homewardhound movement.

As for the name, Wren is a rescue adopted by our very own.  Dogs like him are who we are working for.



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